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Stella Chen wins the 2019 Violin Competition !
Stella Chen has won the 2019 Violin Competition! The International Queen Elisabeth Grand Prize - Queen Mathilde Prize receives € 25,000 and numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad. She will also have the honour to play the 'Huggins' 1708 Stradivarius for four years, presented by the Nippon Music Foundation.

The prizewinners
First Prize : Stella Chen (USA, 26)
Second Prize : Timothy Chooi (Canada, 25)
Third Prize : Stephen Kim (USA, 23)
Fourth Prize : Shannon Lee (Canada – USA, 26)
Fifth Prize : Júlia Pusker (Hungary, 27)
Sixth Prize : Ioana Cristina Goicea (Romania – Germany, 26)

The six unranked laureates, in alphabetical order :
Luke Hsu (USA, 28)
Sylvia Huang (Belgium, 25)
Seiji Okamoto (Japan, 24)
Eva Rabchevska (Ukraine, 22)
Ji Won Song (Korea, 26)
Yukiko Uno (Japan, 23)

Overview of the prizes

Audience awards
Sylvia Huang wins both the Musiq’3 Prize and the Canvas-Klara Prize, both worth € 2500.

Would you like to hear the laureates at work ?
The 4 CD box "Violin 2019" will be available as of Saturday 1 June, containing works performed by the laureates during the semi-final and the final of the violin competition.

You can also watch and listen to their performances on our website.

And for those who want to hear them perform live, the laureates will present themselves to the public during a series of concerts : concerts' calendar.
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