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Mikhail Faerman
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Russian Federation
Mikhail Faerman started to study piano at the age of three. He followed the lessons of Eugenia Yarmonenko at the Central Music School of Moscow from 1962 until 1972. Afterwards he studied at the Moscow State Conservatoire with Jacob Flier from 1972 until 1977. In 1975 he won the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition.

He left the Soviet Union in 1978 and came to live in Belgium. In 1979 he became a professor at the Mons Conservatoire. He was a member of the Jury in the Conservatories of Brussels, Liège, Luxembourg and Paris. He participated in the Jury of the International Competition in Epinal, France, and was the president of the Jury of the First European Piano Competition in 1987. Currently he teaches at the Brussels Conservatory.

Mikhail Faerman has given many concerts, first in the USSR, Bulgaria (Sofia, etc...) and later on throughout Europe and in Korea (International Festival of Seoul).
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Recital 1st laureate piano 1975 : Mikhail FaermanSoloist
Final 1975: Mikhail FaermanSoloist
PIANO 1975First prize - Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize
Final 1975: Mikhail Faerman
Jef Maes : Concerto
Final 1975: Mikhail Faerman
Johannes Brahms : Variations on a Theme by Paganini op. 35
Carl Czerny : Variations on a Theme by Rode op. 33
Final 1975: Mikhail Faerman
Pyotr Tchaikovsky : Concerto n. 1 in B flat minor op. 23
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