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Léon Jongen
°1884 - †1969
Upon completion of his studies at the Conservatory of Liège, Léon Jongen became organist at the Saint Jacques church in his native city. In 1913, he won the First Grand Prize of Rome with his cantata Les fiancés de Noël. He started a career as pianist. In 1918 after World War I he travelled extensively to Africa, India, China and Japan and for 2 years was director and conductor of the Opéra Français of Hanoï.

Back in Belgium in 1934 he taught fugue at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, afterwards he succeeded his brother Joseph as director of this institution. From 1939 to 1949 he conducted the concerts of the conservatory. His Violin Concerto was the compulsory work of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1963.

He wrote numerous symphonic works and he was attracted by the theatre. His opera Thomas l’Agnelet is one of the best lyrical works ever written in Belgium. Although a great admiror of the French romantic school and slightly influenced by César Franck he nevertheless developed towards more modernistic conceptions.
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COMPOSITION 1964Member of the jury
PIANO 1960Chairperson of the Jury
COMPOSITION 1960Member of the jury
COMPOSITION 1956Member of the jury
COMPOSITION 1953Member of the jury
PIANO 1938Member of the jury
Final 1963: Alexei Michlin
Léon Jongen : Concerto in D major
Jongen LéonCampeador
Jongen LéonConcerto in D major
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