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Ekaterina Novitskaya-Hervy
Russian Federation
Ekaterina Novitzkaya was born in Russia and her talent on the piano, she began playing at age 4, was recognized from the start. She entered Moscow’s Central School for Music at the age of 6, and studied for eight years with Eugène Mikhaïlovitch Timakine and then with Leon Nikolaïevitch Oborine at the Moscow Conservatory of Music. In 1968, when 16 years-old, she became the first female competitor to win the Queen Elisabeth Competition for Piano. Ekatarina Novitzkaya completed her studies with highest distinction at the Conservatory in the special “Aspirantoura” section, and then began teaching at her alma mater. Her talent has been celebrated in the great musical centers of Europe, Russian and the U.S.A.
Gala concert 1968: Ekaterina NovitzkayaSoloist
Laureates' concert 1968: Ekaterina NovitzkayaSoloist
Recital 1st laureate piano 1968: Eketarina NovitzkayaSoloist
Final 1968: Ekaterina NovitzkayaSoloist
PIANO 1968First prize - Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize
Gala concert 1968: Ekaterina Novitzkaya
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Concerto n. 20 in D minor KV 466
Laureates' concert 1968: Ekaterina Novitzkaya
Pyotr Tchaikovsky : Concerto n. 1 in B flat minor op. 23
Final 1968: Ekaterina Novitzkaya
Gaston Brenta : Concerto n. 2
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