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The afternoon sessions of the semi final are broadcast live on Canvas.
The evening sessions will be available on the Ketnet channel.
The final will be on air on Ketnet (20:00), commented by Katelijne Boon and Clara De Decker.
The last day of the final, including the proclamation, will be broadcast live on Canvas (20:00).
On Sunday 13/05, Canvas will show the highlights of the competition.
The closing concert on 04/05 will be broadcast live on Ketnet.

Live broadcast on La Trois of the evening sessions of the semi-final (19:50) presented by Camille De Rijck and Vincent Delbushaye. The afternoon sessions will be broadcast at night (23:00).
The final will be on air as from 19:50, presented by Patrick Leterme and Caroline Veyt.
The closing concert will be broadcast on 08/06 at 21:15.

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